I have written in a previous essay that MGA never wrote about 4:69 after Nov 1901, however, the AMJ has recently published “Kishti-nuh” aka Noahs Ark (1902) into English for the first time ever and a new reference has been found.

The Reference
(See page 45 and 46)”””The Quran can purify a person within a week as long as it is followed in letter and spirit. The Quran can make you like the Prophets, so long as you do not flee from it yourself. Which other scripture, besides the Quran, gives hope to its readers from the very outset and teaches the prayer:

That is, Guide us on the path of those blessings, which the people of the past were guided on: the Prophets, the Messengers, the Truthful [Siddiqin], the Martyrs [Shuhada] and the Righteous”””

The implications
MGA seems to have began to connect 4:69 with Surah Fatiha as he argued that any Muslim could become “LIKE-PROPHETS”.  However, he didn’t use this verse to argue that HE was a prophet, he only used it promote the idea that even the most average Muslim could excel and become “LIKE-PROPHETS”.

The Lahori position
It is interesting to note that the Lahori-Ahmadi position on 4:69 after 1914 was the same as Sunni-Islam.  However, in 1908, Muhammad Ali quoted the verse in some lecture just weeks after MGA died, the nature of the lecture is unclear.  Here is what he said:

“Whatever may be the interpretation of this verse (4:69) by an opponent, we are firmly of the view that God can make any one a Prophet, a Faithful one, a Martyr or a Righteous one. What is needed is a seeker. He to whom we swore allegiance was righteous, a chosen one of God and a holy Messenger. The spirit of holiness had achieved its climax in him.” (see page 166)

Lecture by Maulawi Muhammad ‘Ali published in Al-Hakam July 18, 1908, Hayat-e-Nur p.354.

It seems that Ahmadis began to use 4:69 as an argument for the prophethood of MGA just weeks after MGA died.  I am still waiting to find more refs on 4:69.  Stay tuned.