Here are a few quotes from the Al-Fazl of 1923.  It proves that Ahmadis did work with the British govt in terms of spying on Russia.  Thanks to the author “Ahmadyya, British-Jewish connections” by Bashir Ahmad

The Quotes

Maulvi Muhammad Amin relates:

“Although I had gone to Russia for the propagation of Ahmadiyyat yet I served the interest of the British Government also side by side my preaching because the interests of the Ahmadiyya sect and those of the British government are closely interlinked with each other and whenever I preached my beliefs I must have to serve the British government.  The centre of our Ahmadiyya sect is in India, therefore, during my preaching I had to describe the religious freedom and blessings of the British rule in India”  (see Al-Fazl, 28 Sep, 1923).


“”””Since Muhammad Amin Khan has no passport, as soon as he reached the first Railway Station at Qabza he was held up on the charge of spying for the British.  All that he possessed including clothes, books, etc., were seized.  He remained there for one month after which he was imprisoned at Ishqaband Jail.  From there he was removed to Tashkent via Samarkand under the guard of Muslim Russian Police where he was jailed.  During his two month imprisonment, his statements were repeatedly recorded to prove him a British spy.  When his statements could not serve their purpose they resorted to threats and tried to allure him.  His photographs were taken so that he could easily be recognized  and arrested again.  At last he was taken to the Afghan border at Goshgi where he was deported to Herat (Afghanistan).

Since this mujahid had determined to propagate truth in that territory, he preferred death to his return.  He, anyhow, again managed to escape from the Russian police and reached Bokhara. There he freely lived for 2 months but was, at last arrested on the charge of spying for the British.  He was subjected to torture and a heart-rendering treatment was meted out to him during his imprisonment.  Subsequently, under the guard of the Russian Muslim Police he was deported towards Iran.

Even after these events his thirst did not quench.  He got an opportunity to escape at Kakan Railway Station from the Police custody and fled to Bokhara.  All the way he travelled on foot.  After one week he was arrested in Bokhara and was taken to Samarkand via Kakan.  He managed to escape from police custody this time too and reached Bokhara. “””” (see al-fazl of 14 Aug 1923.

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