In terms of legal control of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t legally control anyone or anything.  He is not the Director of this non-profit-corporation.  The real director is Abdul Baqi Arshad.  In reality however, Mirza Masroor Ahmad controls every single part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, however, its not legal control, its manipulation and bullying that he uses against his own Mullahs, aka employees as he gets them to keep working to market the Ahmadiyya movement and thus gain converts.

The Data
The Ahmadiyya Jamaat is run globally by a few Charities that operate out of the UK, one such charity is “Al-Shirkatul-Islamiyya”.  This is the publications and MTA TV channel that operate from this company.  Recently, they have changed the name of the directors and its a total lie…they basically changed the spelling of the name.

The Mirza family employs its old friends and close family members as they continue to exploit Ahmadis for money.