As we all know, Ahmadis have some secret beliefs that they don’t publish.  For example, they believe that Esa (as) wasn’t born miraculously through the unseen-laws of Allah.  They offer many arguments about the possibility of spontaneous creation (see Brahin e Ahmadiyya, vol. 5, published Oct. 1908).  Nonetheless, I am posting a video here which shows an Ahmadi-mullah lying to the crowd as he gives a story which is most likely anecdotal in his attempt to raise money for the Mirza family.  To be fair, in reality, the salary of an Ahmadi-mullah is only determined on the budget of his local jamaat where he is assigned, and is thus linked to membership and their personal donations.  In other words, the Ahmadi-mullah barely has food and decent housing, so he has to raise more funds as he seeks to increase his personal operating budget.

This is an exerpt from Jalsa Salana Qadian 2015, 5th Speech of Day 1 delivered by Maulana Mubashir Ahmad Kahloon (Head of Dar Al-Ifta Rabwah, Pakistan).