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The Data from his biography on MGA
“”Maulana Abur Rahim Dard, (1894-1955) son of  Master Qadir Bakhsh, was born in Ludhiana and recieved his early education there, in Lahore and Patiala and did his M.A. He had the priviledge to be present at Khutba Ilhamiyah by  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, and sharpened the pencils for the scribes.

He devoted his life for the cause of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama‘at in 1919 and settled permanently in Qadian. He was the Private Secretary to Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II from 1920-1924. He accompanied him to the Wembley Conference in 1924 and was appointed as the missionary in charge of the London Mission. He served as a missionary in
England for a total of 10 years in two terms. The first mosque in Europe, the Fadl Mosque in London, was built in 1926 under his supervision. He finally returned to Qadian in 1938.

With the consensus of the All India Kashmir Committee he became its Secretary. When after the Round Table Conference Quaid-e-Azam was disappointed with the attitude of Hindu leaders and had decided to settle in England for good, Maulana Abdur Rahim Dard’s eloquent persuation left him no escape and he finally returned to India and organized the Muslim League.””” (see Life of Ahmad, 2008 online edition, Preface)

He was involved in politics on the insistence of his Khalifa     
His Khalifa insisted that Ahmadi-Mullahs get involved with politics, in fact, as an employee of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Dard did whatever he was told, without asking any questions, in typical Punjabee servitude.  He is famously credited for convincing Jinnah to return to British-India and to work with Ahmadis and the British in terms of the partition of India after WW-2.  Since the queen had promised to free India, since the indian people helped the Brits during WW-2.

Jinnah announced his plan to return to politics from an Ahmadi mosque in the UK
As we all know, Ahmadis were heavily involved in politics since at least 1889.  Before that, MGA was favored in British-India, they dropped charged on MGA many times and always offered him a chair when he came to their court.  There is a famous incident from the late 1890’s wherein MGA’s biggest critic and old friend wasn’t given a chair…whereas MGA was.  It’s obvious, that Ahmadis were always favored by the British and used to shape the politics of the sub-continent.

Some additional quotes
Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan (1978). Ahmadiyyat: the renaissance of Islam. Tabshir Publications. pp. 242–. He, therefore, directed Mr A. R. Dard, Imam of the London Mosque, to get in touch with Mr Jinnah and try to persuade … of 9 April 1933: There was a large gathering in the grounds of the mosque in Melrose Road, Wimbledon, where Mr Jinnah, ..



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