Lekh Ram wrote extensively vs. Ahmadiyya from 1885-1890.  I will post the quotes here.

The quotes
Dard tells us (page 159) that Lekh Ram and the Arya Samaaj issued a special leaflet was issued at the Chashma Nur, Amritsar on July 27th, 1886, in which Ahmad was threatened with murder within three years.  However, this was not a threat, this was in retaliation to MGA’s mubahila-challenge.  MGA seems to have issued the same type of death prophecy vs. Lekh Ram, unfortunately, the Ahmadiyya editors seem to have erased the data.  Based on this admission by Dard, MGA should have died by at least 1890-1891.  And thus all of these “death-threats” that were issued back and forth came to an end in 1890-1891.