Here are some quotations taken from “Surma-e-Chashme Arya” aka “Guidance for the Aryas”. At the end of this book, MGA issued his 1-year-challenge/mubahila.

Muhammad Hussain Batalvi reviewed this book in his newspaper
“””From Dard, Maulawi Muhammad Husain devoted about 14 pages of his paper Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 9 No. 5 and No. 6, pp. 145-158) to this book and instead of reviewing it he gave quotations which he said spoke for themselves. He asked every Muslim to buy ten or twenty copies of the book for distribution amongst the Hindus so that the hostile activities of the Arya Samaj against Islam might be checked.”””” (dard, page 158).  

“If some Arya (Samaji) having read our whole pamphlet does not leave his obstinacy and does not retrace from blasphemy, then we call him to hold a Mubahala with us, on a token we have received from Allah the Exalted”. (Surma-e-Chashme-e-Arya, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 232).

“Last resort is Mubahala for which we have made a call earlier. For Mubahala, it is not necessary to be a scholar of the Vedas (Hindu religious books). Yes, he should be a well- mannered, renowned Arya who may also impress others. Therefore Lala Murli Dhar Sahib is first of all addressed; then Lala Jeevan Das, Secretary Arya Samaj, Lahore; then Munshi Inder Man Sahib Moradabadi; and then some other person from amongst Aryas who is a respected man and is also considered learned. If they really think that ‘Vedas’ teachings which we have recounted in this pamphlet are correct and true and contrarily consider that the principles and teachings of Quran Shareef, also written by us in this very pamphlet, are wrong and untrue, then they may do Mubahala with us on this issue and having decided on a spot for holding the Mubahala, by mutual agreement the two parties may present themselves at that place the fixed date. Each party to the Mubahala should stand in a meeting before public and take oath, repeating words which we have written in bold as specimen and have appended them to this pamphlet; that is, if our assertion is false Divine Distress and punishment may descend on us. In this way, the words contained in each of the two Mubahalas should be publicly verified for truthfulness, believing that Divine punishment must fall on the party who swears falsely. And there shall be a waiting period of one year for Divine Decision to come down. If after passage of one year Divine punishment falls on the writer of this pamphlet, or does not fall on the adversary, in either case, this humble self, shall suffer a fine of Rs.500/- which, subject to mutual agreement, shall be deposited into the government treasury or wherever this amount is easily available to the adversary. In case he overcomes us, he shall entitle himself to collect this sum automatically, but if we overcome him we don’t lay a wager. Our bet is the same prayer, that is, of heavenly signs befalling and that’s enough. Now, we conclude this pamphlet after writing down the subject matter of each of the documents of Mubahala. With Allah’s Help.” (Ibid. P. 250-251.)”

“So, O God, Omnipotent, decide truly between us two parties, and whosoever, out of us, is a liar in his assertions and dogmas .. .O Immensely Mighty! send down a punishment in one year’s time”. (Ibid P. 254-255).

“He who is a liar making false statements in Your Eyes …….. O Eesher, beat him up with such strokes of pain ……. that curses taking their toll, reach him in a year’s time.”( Ibid.  P. 258).

“””May it be known that at the end of Surma-e-Chashme Arya, I had called some Aryan people for a Mubahala. As a result of my writing, Pandit Lekh Ram, in his pamphlet, Khabte Ahmadiya which he published in 1888…. held a Mubahala with me. Accordingly, in his pamphlet Khabte Ahmadiya on page 344, Pandit Lekh Ram wrote the following in his introductory remarks. “Since our respected and revered Master Murli Dhar and Munshi Jeevan Das Sahib are busy in government work, this humble obedient, on his own volition and with their pleasure has taken this duty upon himself. Therefore, as the proverb says: ‘take the liar to his door-step,’ I accept Mirza Sahib’s last request (of Mubahala) also”.

“I humble, Lekh Ram, son of Pandit Tara Singh Sahib Sharma, Author of Takzeeb-e-Braheen-e-Ahmadiya and this pamphlet, (Nuskha-e-Khabte Ahmadiya) declare in soundness of all my senses and understanding that I have read the pamphlet Surma-e-Chashme Arya from beginning to end, not once but many times, having grasped its arguments fully and have published its reply in refutation in the light of Sat Dharam (true religion). In this pamphlet, the arguments of Mirza Sahib have not impressed me one bit because they are not righteously oriented. (After dilating on this subject the Pandit wrote in the end:) O, Permeshwar! (God) Make a decision between us truly, because never can a liar glorify in Thy Audience against the truthful.

Writer: Your eternal slave, Lekh Ram Sharma, Sabhasud Arya Samaj, Peshawar, presently Editor, Arya Gazette, Ferozepur Punjab,” (Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 326-332, Summary}.