The Ahmadiyya persecution is self-created by the Mirza family.  In 1974, their Majlis Khuddam ul-Ahmadiyya (MKA) organized a black ops operation wherein they attacked a train of teenage medical students and thus caused a national incident.  In 1953, the Govt of Pakistan had settled the issue of whether Ahmadis were Muslim or not.  It was a dead issue.  The fight was over.  Ahmadis were given every freedom in pakistan, and they took advantage, they infiltrated the military and gave jobs to Ahmadis who were not-qualified.

May 31st 1974
Ahmadiyya leadership was done with Rabwah.  Rabwah was filling up and as everyone knows, there are NO jobs in Rabwah.  My research tells me that Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his family paid the Bhutto govt. to be declared Non-Muslim.  This was all done behind the scenes…

Ordinance 20–1984
This is the famous law that was passed in 1984…no one asked for it…it magically appearead..and Mirza Tahir Ahmad was the only person who knew about it.  We all know he cheated during his election of 1982 and shunned his cousin, Mirza Rafi Ahmad.  He seems to have been the driving force of this law and thus left Pakistan for good and he wanted all Ahmadis to leave.  Recently, the Pakistani christian community has called out Ahmadis over this.  Even they believe that Ahmadis are lying about their persecution and have self-generated it.  

A recent video by the Anti-islamic-bigot, Kashif Chaudhry

My commentary on this video
Kashif Chaudhry is one of those fanatical and suicidal Ahmadis.  His uncle is jail for breaking the law of Pakistan and he living his life to free him.

He recently made these taunts to his critics:

1.  He says that they can never understand…Ahmadiyya has spread into 209 countries

2.  Ahmadis have grown to 10’s of millions
3.  He openly lies about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad being Khatme-Nabiyeen
4.  Your grandfathers tried to stop us…
5.  Your grandfathers claimed that they could stop us..and keep us in Qadian, brick by brick
6.  Look at where we have reached!!!!!!!!!!

7.  And look you have been left behind…
8.  The whole world sends its curse upon you
9.  You are the laughing stock of the world
10.  You have destroyed the name of Islam
11.  Ahmadis have to then fix the face of Islam…just becuase of Muslims in Pakistan
12.  We keep telling the world that Muslims in Pakistan are NOT Muslim…only Ahmadis are Muslim

13.  We keep imploring the world to accept Ahmadis as the true representatives of Islam

The arrogance of the Ahmadis is obvious.  They love the persecution…their Khalifa sees persecution as growth i.e….more asylum cases.  Their Khalifa doesn’t care is a few Ahmadis die….he wants more to leave Pakistan and be resettled in the west…he doesnt want them to move to India or bangladesh.