Noorudin was the main ghost writer of Ahmadiyya.  Ahmadis have admitted that he taught Quran and hadith to all of the top Ahmadis, he even taught MGA.  Nonetheless, this entry proves that Nooruddin rarely took a bath and his hygiene was terrible.  Whats truly shocking is that he would give the regular Friday Sermon and led Salaat many times.

The Quote
See seeratul Mahdi part two page 304
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(328) Hazrat Khalifatul Maseeh Al sani ( Mirza Bashiruddin) stated that during the life time of Hazrat sb (MGAQ) i used to learn Hadees from Khalifa Awwal Hazrat Molvi Nooruddin. Once at home, Hazrat sb asked me, Mian what do u learn from Molvi sahab nowadays ? I said i learn Bukhari sharif from Molvi sahab. Hazrat sb said smiling, Mian ask Molvi sb if Bukhari sharif mentions some where about taking bath ?
This humble self states that Hazrat Molvi sahab was careless about taking bath. He was also not inclined towards changing dresses at regular shorter intervals. Therefore, in order to draw the attention of Molvi Sahab toward this, Hazrat sahab said like this.

The scans
MGA was commenting to Mahmud Ahmad in terms of the fact that Nooruddin rarely ever took a bath, he rarely ever changed his clothing.