Ibrahim Noonan is the token Irish-Ahmadi and a fake Imam.  He goes around on twitter provoking people.  The problem is…he doesn’t know when he is insulting people.  He insults people and doesn’t even realize it.  He is the worst human I ever interacted with.

Last year
I engaged him in late 2015, he insulted me and called me “little-guy”, he lied and said that he didn’t realize that it was an insult.  I then returned the insult and reminded him that he had told me that his mom was a heavy smoker and drunkard.

This year
Noonan engaged me again, he insulted me the exact same way.  He seems to have forgot that he did the same thing last year.  Really…he lied.  This is his standard operating procedure.  He is using his white privilege to market Ahmadiyya.

His mother
Noonan told me that his mother was a heavy smoker and drinker.  I am against all women who live like this and I worry about their off-spring.

A video on Noonan