After the mid 1930’s, the Qadiani branch of Ahmadis stopped openly doing Takfir against all Muslims.  However, from 1911 to 1924, they were open and vicious about their Takfir.  Read about it here….

In 2016, they do silent Takfir
Outwardly, Ahmadis will tell you that they believe anyone to be Muslim if they profess the Kalima, however, under their breath, they see us as Kafir, as going to hell and etc.  Its a very hateful and spiteful attitude indeed.

Noonan is above the law in Ireland
Every country that Ahmadis open up a business in, they hire a local, they did the same in Indonesia, many african countries, the UK, Germany and etc etc etc.  This is how they spread their non-profit corporation abroad.

Noonan is not a qualified Imam
In Sunni-Islam, Imams know Arabic very good, their Tajweed is of the highest importance. There aren’t any schools in the world that produce Islamic clerics.  A Muslim must simply learn and get good at reciting arabic and giving speeches, most Muslims who graduate with degrees in Islamic history or Islamic theory rarely ever become Imams or Shaikhs.  However, Professor Brown is an example of that.

Jamia is unaccreditted
Noonan claims to have learned Islam at the Ahmadiyya school aka Jamia, however, this is not a recognized school in any part of the islamic world, in fact, most Ahmadi-mullahs come out of it barely knowing Islam.