Ibrahim Noonan is the fake-Ahmadi-Mullah who is stationed in Ireland.  He barely knows anything of Islam, he was hand-picked by Mirza Tahir Ahmad to be the token Irish-Ahmadi and to help facilitate the spread of Ahmadiyya in Ireland.  There are barely 300 Ahmadis in Ireland, so Noonan doesn’t have much of a job, the 5 daily salaats barely yield 5 Ahmadis and they dont care that Noonans tajweed is similar to his Khalifas, nor do they care that he barely knows the Quran.  He does Takfir against Muslims everyday and boasts about his fake-knowledge of Ahmadiyya.

Nonetheless, in the below, there is  a video wherein Noonan is shown to be on his phone during a very important speech during his Jalsa.  Enjoy.