Ahmadis always lie about their membership.  Its been happening since 1896, when MGA lied about it, and he kept lying about it.  As we all know, non-profit corporations always inflate their marketing activities in their attempts to satisfy their membership.  See Hani Tahir’s video on this topic here : .

Also see here:

Further, as soon as Mirza Tahir Ahmad became Khalifa, they began lying even further about their census.  They claimed to have 10 million Ahmadis in 1984, as Ordinance XX passed and Mirza Tahir Ahmad fled to the UK and was asking for the entire worlds help.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad kept on lying, in 2002 we see how he totally lied about the census of Ahmadis and forced his team of Mullahs to keep doubling the number, they eventually claimed to have 200 million Ahmadis by 2003.

Kashif Chaudhry and company after 2007
Roughly after 2007, the fanatical Ahmadis seem to have found a new way to make it look like Ahmadis were growing, they seem to have read the World Christian Encyclopedia of 2001 and decided to twist the contents to make it look like Ahmadiyya was the fastest growing sect of Islam.  Kashif Chaudhry then seems to have ran with and kept repeating this argument over and over again.  Just recently, he mentioned it again, in this essay (, retrieved on 1-15-17) he seems to mention it again. However, t is an absolute lie.  I came across this book some months ago and verified the contents.  See my video in the below..

My video on the World Christian Encylopedia (2001)

My commentary on this video
This encyclopedia is extremely biased, it gives little to NO references at all.  There is a section about Pakistan wherein Ahmadis are mentioned, feel free to view that, there isnt any significant data there that is of use in this essay.  However, I can dig out those scans if anyone asks.

1.  This book reports 70k Ahmadis in 1900.  That is a lie.  No Ahmadi source ever reported that.  In fact, the 1901 British-India census came back at roughly 10,000 Ahmadis in British India.  MGA had Ahmadis as a separate column on the census, hence, he wanted to be separate from Islam.  There were additional censuses in 1911, 1921, 1931 and 1941, Ahmadis were never more then 40k.

Feel free to read Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s legal testimony in 1974, wherein the census of the Ahmadis was ripped to shreds.

2.  2.6 million Ahmadis in 1970???  The book then asserts that there was 2.6 million Ahmadis by 1970, however, there is no reference at all.

3.  5.7 million Ahmads in he mid-1990’s???  The book then reports that there were 5.7 million Ahmadis by the mid-1990’s.  This is another lie, in fact, in 1984 and 1989, Mirza tahir Ahmad was reporting 10 million worldwide, which was an inflated number.  So even per Ahmadiyya records, this is wrong.

4.  The book then goes on to explain in terms of how many Ahmadis were born in 1990-2000, it gives the number at 156k.  However, this is a lie, Ahmadiyya records have never published this at all.  Where did they get this number from??  Obviously, the scholarship of this book is in question.  It also claims 60k converts in this same period, another claim without a shred of evidence.  It then reports 200k new Ahmadis from 1990-2000, that is totally at odds with the official Ahmadiyya reporting on this topic.  In fact, this is where the growth rate is listed, and they seem to indicate that Ahmadiyya grew at a rate of 3.25, however, just underneath, the same book reports that “Other secretarian Muslims” grew at a rate of 3.46.  So even per the book, Ahmadiyya was not the fastest growing group of Muslims.

Ahmadis are liars.  They lie for the Mirza family.  They won’t stop.  This is why Ordinance XX was enacted, since Ahmadis kept on with their Anti-islam activities.