It is thought by many that MGA died of cholera in 1908.  Farquhar wrote about it here, and we know that Ahmadi authors were all silent on the cause of death for 20 years.  Then, Hyat-e-Nasir was published in 1927 and the populace of India was convinced, thru MGA’s own testimony that he had cholera, plus the symptoms and the quick death (within 2 hours).  Further research is proving that the entire “Train-Story” seems to have been fabricated after 1927, since Muhammad Ali wrote in roughly 1917 that MGA’s body was carried all the way to Qadian. Moreover, Ahmadi authors never mentioned Dr. Sutherland and any certificate until the 1930’s. Further, there are 4 early biographies on the life of MGA which are missing from the official records.  Dr. Basharat Ahmad mentions them in his famous collection, “Mujadid-e-Azam”.  Also, no one has pulled the data from the Urdu-ROR or the Hakam and Badr of 1908.

Some additional sources that I am researching

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How fast were trains in 1908?