MGA was taking Chlorodyne just a few hours before his death. Chlorodyne was the main medicine in the world to cure #cholera. MGA and his doctors knew that he had cholera.
A few hours later, Dr. Mirza Yacub Beg reports that MGA was forced to sit on a chokee (shitter). MGA was given an injection directly into his heart as he about to die. MGA most likely died at 3-4am on May 26th, 1908, on Brandereth Road in Lahore. Molvi Abdur Rehman was there with MGA on brandereth road when MGA died.

In this scenario, MGA must have been suffering from the effects of Cholera even a few days before he died. In fact, the entire reason why he was in Lahore is dubious. It seems that he was there for medical treatment, and was taking many medicines which contained high amounts of opium. He could not have written any books in this condition, nor were any of his salaat accepted.
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“”(778). This was written to me by Peer Muhammad Manzoor sahab thru Molvi Abdur Rehman Mubashar that hazrat sahab while in Lahore, perhaps a day before his death once he came out from inside and said I have had excessive loose motion today so I took three drops of Chlorodyne (a medicine containing alcohol and opium as major ingredients) this humble self says that hazrat sb had the complaint of loose motion most of his life time. But during last days he suffered from it one night before his death. It is however, possible that he might have slightly suffered from loose motion one or two days before his death and then it has suppressed.”””

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Nooruddin treated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for impotency and many others, with opium!!!!

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died on the land of Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain (1878-1939) on Brandereth road in Lahore

The death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Ahmadi sources


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