Ibrahim Noonan is the token fake-Ahmadi-mullah from Ireland.  We all know that he had fallen in love with some Ahmadi girl that he knew in some college and then eventually divorced her.  All of this happened since Ibrahim Noonan was an unemployed loser who really disliked working.  This is very similar to MGA and his sons. Nonetheless, this is how Ibrahim Noonan joined the Ahmadiyya movement.

Further, he boasts on social media and regularly harasses people of all faiths and pretends to be a scholar on Islam and Christianity.  He recently staged a video wherein he passed through the famous Speakers corner in Hyde Park and tried to have a conversation with some Christians.  The conversation went wrong very quickly and Noonan kept saying that he had to leave, he kept calling people arrogant and finally at the end, he told the black man that he was his father.

Ibrahim Noonan is the worst creature, much like all Ahmadis, they have all been taught to act arrogantly and without regards for any decency.  In fact, the reason Ordinance XX was passed was simply to stop the anti-Islamic activities of the Ahmadi.

The video