We all know that MGA never did any public speeches.  We also know that he only had 5-debates in his entire life and they were all written debates, and Noorudin was always close by as well as Abdul Kareem and the rest of the team.  Officially, as of 1891, Maulvi Abdul Kareem, Amrohi and Noorudin were the imams of the mosque at Qadian.  They led all the prayers, they did all the friday sermons and wrote all of the books.  Mufti Sadiq also helped.  As did Muhammad Ali later on and many many others.  Before 1891, MGA had other people lead the salaat, the father of Jalal-uddin-Shams comes to mind.

Nonetheless, MGA couldn’t memorize the quran and was mostly high on opium, so he could never lead prayers.  That’s what my research indicates.

The Quote
“””Stated to me by Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail that once Due to some reasons Molvi Abdul Karim could not lead the prayers, Molvi Nooruddin was also not present, so Hazrat Sahab ( MGAQ) asked Hakeem Fazluddin to lead the prayer. Hakeem Fazluddin excused to offer the services by saying how can i lead the prayer when huzur know that i have been suffering from PILES and can,t maintain my ablution (WAZU) due to gaseous emissions all the time. Huzur asked hakeem Fazluddin, are your prayers valid despite the problem? He said yes they are valid. Then lead the prayer , our prayer will also be valid said hazrat sahab”””

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Another quote
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Narration no. 19

” My mother narrated to me that mgaq got first attack of dizziness and hysteria few days after the death of Bashir 1 (we had an elder brother who died in 1888). While sleeping he got choked and then condition woresned but that attack was light. Then after some time (few days) he went out saying that I am not feeling well today. Mother said after some time sheikh Hamid Ali ( he was an old sincere servent of mgaq, he is dead now) knocked at the door and asked for a pitcher of hot water. Mother said, I knew that mgaq’s condition is worsened, so I asked a maid to ask him (sh hamid) about mgaq’s condition. Sh Hamid Ali said its bad. I went inside the mosque and saw mgaq lying. I went near him he said- I m not feeling well. I was praying and saw something black raised in front of me and went up to sky. Then I screamed and fell down and became like fainted. Mother says that after that he started getting these attacks on REGULAR BASIS. This humble one asked what was attack like, she said that his hands and feet got cold, body nerves got shrunk specially neck’s and then dizziness started. In that condition, he was unable to support his body. In the beginning, these attacks / seizures were svere but later on there was no such severity and he became used to that.

Humble one asked, did he ever get any problem with his head? Mother said, before he used to get nominal headache attacks. Humble one asked, did he use to lead the prayers, mother said yes, but due to attacks he stopped. Humble one states that was before the claim of being Massiah. “

MGA was not any type of Imam.  He hired Noorudin and his friends to write and lead prayers for him and to give speeches on this behalf.  Check my other essays on MGA and his lack of leading salaat here: