Bashir Ahmad Orchard was the first ever Irish-born Ahmadiyya-mullah.  He seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya in the mid-1940’s.  He seems to have had a video camera and has shared footage of Qadian in 1947.

The video

Some comments about this video
1.  Muhammad Zafrullah Khan seems to have the biggest house in Qadian by 1947.

2.  Qadian seems to be simply a 3-mile radius of ‘village-homes”, with a few larger homes, which seem to only include MGA’s home and Zafrullah Khan’s home.

3.  In 1947, Qadian was the only place in the Punjab wherein Muslims were left un-molested as the mass migration shook the entire sub-continent.  Smith reports that Mahmud Ahmad and the majority of the population at Qadian remained present in Qadian, until the British govts. military showed up and forced them to leave.  Smith reports that Mahmud Ahmad was safely transported out of Qadian under military protection.  

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