Professor Johnathan AC Brown is an amazing young muslim.  I appreciate his scholarly aptitude and have learned soooo much from his lectures.

He was recently recorded and prompted by Ahmadiyya press to comment on the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The video is posted in the below.

1.  He basically says that they have the right to be Muslim.  And he understands that they differ in terms of prophethood with the mainstream.

2.  However, not many people have researched Ahmadiyya as deep as me.  Hence, they don’t know the exact picture.  Ahmadis differ with Sunnis/Shias on almost every single subject inside Islam.

3.  Professor Brown doesn’t know how Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got themselves declared non-Muslim in 1974.  Nor does he know that MGA never led Salaat nor did he ever lead a Khutbah Juma.  

In conclusion
I love Professor Johnathan AC Brown and his comments were on point.

The video

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