Tensions in Ahmadiyya were bubbling in 1913, things were getting pretty bad, the educated section of the community was already leaning towards Khwaja Kamaluddin, Muhammad Ali and many doctors and rich people.  The poorer section of the community, the Ahmadi mullahs and a few others were clinging to Mahmud Ahmad and the family of MGA.  Noorudin was on his death bed, his leg was amputated and he was never the same.

Lahori vs. Qadiani factions
Noorudin was trying to get Ahmadis to agree on Takfir, there was a major dispute, Mahmud Ahmad and his group wanted to call ALL muslims as Kafirs, whereas the soon to be Lahori-Ahmadis wanted to do away with MGA, his prophethood, and Takfir.  Nonetheless, Nooruddin was in Lahore in 1913 and made the following statement:

(17 October 1913)——

“You think ill of others. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din does not work out of hypocrisy. He works only for Allah. This is my belief about him. Of course, he can make mistakes. I am happy with his works. There is blessing in them. Those who spread mistrust about him are hypocrites.” (p. 622)