My team and I have found some new research data in terms of Ahmadiyya.  Its specifically from Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan, who is a famous apostate from Ahmadiyya.  Ahmadiyya spamsters and marketing-experts like Qasim Rashid and others have always denied all actions of Takfir by MGA and this new evidence proves the takfir of MGA or his leanings later on in his career (1906).  As we all know, by 1899-1902 era, MGA was openly claiming that rejecting him was OK…and Muslims weren’t absolutely obliged to accept him, however, after 1904, MGA and his team made some significant changes to this policy.  Further, Muhammad Ali and Mahmud Ahmad discussed the Takfir of MGA extensively in 1915–1922, however, the purposely glossed over the issue of Dr. Khan and exactly why he split with MGA.

Some brief comments on the Tafseer
There are about 50 pages scanned of above tafseer – it is not complete tafseer. pages are from 242 -290. In those pages you will read the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad doctrine. The most shocking thing is that the prophet of Qadian became part of the Holy Quran Tafseer.

Some excerpts

“So the entire Qur’an Majid is filled with the praise of God, and has made Tawhid and purification of the soul as the basis for salvation, and not embracing faith in Muhammad”
Reference: Al-Zikr al-Hakim No. 4; p. 12, footnote
“He (the Prophet) never said that if any Jew, Christian, worshiper of God, righteous person does not accept me then he will not attain salvation…The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) never said anywhere that all of the worshipers of God and righteous people are Jahannami (going to Hell) until and unless they believe in me.” (ibid)
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Some additional comments on the nature of Zikrul Hakim
Zikrul Hakim no 4 exclusively consist of the letters written between Dr and Mirza Ghulam – the reason for the Dr abdul Hakim to write,collate this book was to let the world know -as to what happen between them. There was no internet/emails or telephones -that is how we communicate with people -and in those days the normal way of communication in that time was to write letters and the general understanding was that each party will publish those letters to let the world know “the facts” – as Mirza ghulam did not publish letters which were written to him by Dr Abdul Hakim – Dr took upon himself to publish them.Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s comments on Dr. Khan and his Tafsir
From Mirza Masroor Ahmads Friday Sermon of 22-Jul-2016

“”When Abdul Hakeem announced his renunciation of Ahmadiyyat, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I called upon his students and asked them to take out Abdul Hakeems’s commentary from his library so that Allah Almighty be not unhappy or angry to me because of that. Although it was the commentary of the Holy Quran and the commentary of several verses were written in consultation with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I but still he ordered such an action because he had left the religion and so the wrath of Allah is on him. Some people make an objection that when there is sort of a punishment from the Jama’at towards someone or some action has been taken, then that person says that the action taken against me is wrong and presents a comparative situation where other people have not been penalized.This objection is not something new. In every era, such objections have arisen. People do it today and have been doing it in the past too. Therefore, mentioning such people Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) says that the fact of the truth is that in order to keep the system right there is one circle of unity and oneness. Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) says that certain things due to their particular trial (fitna) are considered very significant due to the specific situation. Due to the trial which is instantly there, sometimes the actions are taken in a very different way. But the people who criticize the decisions they do not consider this and are simply very fond of criticizing. Many people say like this and then they gather supporters, thus these punished people are not aware. What methods should be adopted for spreading the word of God (tabligh) and how shall this be done? Regarding this Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra) has mentioned that at this time the preaching work is done through distribution of pamphlets and brochures but these pamphlets cannot be carried for long due to their weight. ……”””””””””””””

 Zikrul Hakim No 4.pdf
Zikrul Hakim No 4

Zikrul Hakim No. 5
Zikrul Hakim No 5

Tafseer ul Quran, Bil Quran
Tafseerul Quran BilQuran

This is new research that proves that MGA significantly changed his beliefs all the time. Further, lots of extreme Ahmadiyya beliefs seem to stem from this era….Ahmadis were fanatical and still are, they believe many extreme things about MGA inwardly…

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