Just recently, we have uncovered some new material on the life of MGA and his fallout with the famous Dr. Khan.    We now have a brief summary of some of this new research material…it is as follows:

– [ ] Ref. Page No 380 Alzikrul Hakim No 5 (Masihuddajjal)
– [ ] Earlier it was my belief that prophet Essa a.s has died and the promised Messiah is Mirza Ghulam A Qadiyani who has come. I was on this faith for 25 years and remained a fast follower of Mirza ignoring his faults and mistakes to be out of human weaknesses. Kept listening to his mere claims of purifier and scholar of Quraan.but he has neither been able to explain solve a quraanic issue nor did i heard something new from him, not known to me before. Nor i found something like purifying of inner self and directing towards Allah s.w.t in his person.

– [ ] Due to religious affection, i kept contributing towards his school, printing and publishing, newspapers and LANGAR , with Rs20 per month. Spent thousands of Rs to support publish his english urdu commentary tazkiratul Quraan. Deep affection did not allow me to think about the reality. Common Muslims due to excessive presence of Mirza in my writings not take benefit of my Tafasir . judicious mind unbiased peoples when read my articles and tafasir they took benefit from it and wrote that common muslims would get benefitted from my writings if the material about mirza is removed from these books.

– [ ] Finally when I saw increasing pride & self greatness in MGAQ which was due to the increased no of Jamaat and worshipping of Mirza influenced Jamaat. Making mockery of Allah s.w.t and his prophets by the members of jamaat then I started to deliver lectures to Mirzais at Patiala in Vacations of Muharram and holi. I started with topics like names of Allah s.w.t. Logic of presence of Allah, Tafsir sura Alhamd etc Since remembrance of Mirza Qadiyani was so high in jamaat that they have almost forgot remembrance of Allah. This only hobby was adapted by members of Jamaat and they lost all quraanic teachings. Supplications from Allah, and Tasbih all were extinct among jamaat ahmadiyya. In other words Allah,s worshipping overwhelmed by mirza qadiyanis worshipping. Practically their Kalima became “LA ILAHA ILLAL MIRZA” . Because Allah is the one which is worshiped most.

– [ ] Although mirza received ilham like o people worship your Lord who created u and the ones before u. Inspite of such ilhams the Jamaat continued worshipping mirza. Same idol worshipping was seen in publishing of Alhakam and Albadar.
– [ ] This trend is against Quraan. Quraan describes eminence of Allah s.w.t from many aspects it does not only describes the person of Muhammad s.a.w only. Contrary to this there was remembrance of mirza every where in Jamaat e Ahmadiyya. when I used to read out my tafsir to Mirza Qadiyani for the sake of his correction, in those days Molvi Nooruddin who is the only example of practical muslim used to say to me ” tell Mirza only the debate of death of Jesus christ”

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