My team has been working….they recently found some old writings of the famous Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan of Patiala….which have exposed Ahmadiyya, since we all know that Ahmadis worship the Mirza family….now we have hard evidence which proves that.

Below is almost a word for word translation of “”3 pages in two episodes page no 381-383″”

More so they declared 1.3 billion muslims, who were muslims since last 13 centuries, as kafir without doing tabligh. When only 3 to 4 lectures on toheed and greatness of Allah swt were delivered, ahmadis got disturbed. One namely Abdul Ghani Khan said to me from Jamaat side as to why I do not mention the name of Ghulam Qadiyani in my lectures. I said i have been describing the Hamd e bari which is the tafseer of surah Al hamd and haven,t come to the Rabbul Alameen, AlRahman iraheem maliki yomiddin as yet as only after that I would come to the praise of Muhammad s.a.w. Then i would present praise of Mirza Qadiyani. Some people said the praise of Allah and His Toheed was the mission of Mirza too, but this did not satisfy hard liner of jamaat and they increased hue and cry on the issue. One day Abdul ghani said while describing touheed e bari taala , u consider mentioning of Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani as shirk but i consider it a shirk if u describe praise of Allah and do not mention Mirza Qadiyani. This attitude made me sad.

I kept emphasising on the point that no body can be perfect until he follows all orders and injunctions of Quraan. To be stuck and remain adamant on one issue and leave the other is extreme ignorance. Quraan also supports this view point. Quraan says.” People chopped of Quraan into pieces” it says on other place” behold Allah,s rope and dont be divided”. Quraan says arrogance is the basis of Fasad. But the crazy followers of Mirza would not listen to the voice of Quraan.

By chance Molvi Mubarak Ali of Sialkot visited Patiala and started his Waaz. I requested him to stress on the points of greatness of Quraan, need for Quraanic teachings and following all Quraanic commands, in his sermons. It was my opinion that If we could succeed in creating love of Quraan in our Jamaat, that would resolve many problems. Or at least make Quraanic teachings as much popular in our jamaat as the Ishtahar of Mirza Qadiyani published in Akhbar Al badar and Alhakam. Molvi Mubarak Ali stressed the above points in his lectures. Qadiyanis immediately realised that these lectures were being delivered on my wish so they prevailed upon Him and soon Molvi sb started his lectures on same old pattern containing justifications of Mirza ,s prophethood from Qur’an and in all of lectures he proved Mirza to be a complete reincarnation of Muhammad S.A.W. This increased my displeasure and hopelessness.

Then khawaja Kamaluddin and Molvi Muhammad Ali sb, on the recommendations of Molvi Inshaullah Khan decided that from now on, only general islamic Articles would be published in Review of Religion Qadiyan and those containing special debates on Mirza Qadiyani would be published as special supplements for only qadiyanis or for those who request for such supplements. I felt great comfort on this decision and said to my self that there are high calibre intellectuals amongst the ahmadies. Now everything will be done according to Quraanic teachings and our message would spread all over world in a good manner. But this happiness could not last longer. Mirza,s fast lovers and hard liner created fuss and opposed the decision by making remarks about 1300 hundred old islam in AlBadar and Alhakam that should we present the dead islam to the world.