Qasim Rashid was taught to hate Muslims.  He was radicalized in the 1980’s by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  He thus goes around and pretends to be a Muslim.  He then asks questions to Muslims…and harrasses Muslims and has many beefs with almost all the top Muslim leaders in America.  He wants to force Muslims to accept Ahmadis as Muslims.  However, as we all know, Ahmadis are not apart of the Islamic-ummah, which includes Shias and Sunnis.  Further, in the USA, many christian groups dont consider Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons as Christian, are they terrorists??

The truth is that Qasim is the son of an Ahmadi-mullah, his entire life is controlled by the Mirza family, and they have radicalized him and many other Ahmadis in the same way.

Did the founder of Ahmadiyya do Takfir??
The biggest lie here is the cover-up job by Ahmadis in terms of who is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad??? They lied about MGA writing books and etc, as we all know, his right arm was broken…and thus he could never write more then a page per day….his arm wasnt strong enough to take the rigors of being a writer.  They also lie about the Takfir of MGA.