My team and I keep working on summarizing the writings of Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan of Patiala vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

In the below, we have summarized another piece of writings…

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May i ask them as to how come there is nothing like Mari fat, or life present in Quraan? Do islam and Allah swt were given new life today by Mirza Qadiyani and were dead earlier. To cool of the fire of opposition by hard liners, Molvi Muhammad Ali has to re announce his belief and faith in Ahmadiyya انا للاہ و انا الیہ راجعون

In those days I applied for 3 months optional leave with the intention to move to Qadiyan and start my lectures on the Quranic topics according to its sequence. I was hoping to create Quraanic understanding amongst Ahmadis. But i could not remain patient and started correspondence on some important proposals with MGAQ. As a result of which Mirza Qadiyani ordered my IKHRAJ from his Jamaat.
This correspondence has been published separately under the title AZZIKRUL HAKIM NO 4. This book can be obtained from Manager Matba Azizi Tarouri District Karnal by sending money order of 1 anna. Mare Reading of this correspondence would reveal to the reader as to of what knowledge, vision and character is Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani.

I write to him something, he understands other, on each issue I present Quranic evidence and he rejects it holding it to be my personal opinion. He declares Muslims as kafir and the whole world to be hell bound without any reason. Declares Allah and Quraan as dead until it is without mirza ,s association. He urges that all calamities ie earth quakes, volcanic ruptures, accidents, epidemics, be that in Italy or Ecuador, or any where in the world, are happening due to my falsification and rejection by the inhabitants may they be aware of Mirza or not.

He does not considers the calamities as a result of disobedience of Allah and his prophet Muhammad s.a.w. He thinks Allah to be his orderly or a lunatic. (Nauzubillah) that is bent upon destroying the world out of the love of Mirza without thinking as to who are His actual falsifiers. Whenever there is a destruction anywhere in the world happens, Mirza and his followers feel pleasures saying this is another sign of Mirza’s truthfulness. They anxiously wait for the destruction of the world and death of opponents. The more is the destruction the more they enjoy.

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