My team and I keep writing summaries of Dr. Khan’s correspondance with MGA in 1906-1907….more to come on this…enjoy the summary.



Qadiyanis published ISHTIHAR against me in and Albadar and did not publish my letters to MGA, so i published them. On 13th May, on the basis of a dream, I published that I take my BAIAT back till Mirza Qadiyani correct his mistakes. The articles about him in my tafsir would be termed as doubtful and if Mirza did not correct and announce his apology, I will break his BAIAT and would remove him from my tafseer. Since there is no chance of his correction and announcement of apology so I have removed articles mentioning him from my tafseers. These corrected pages have been sent to buyers for correction of tafseer with them.

I have repented from Allah s.wt. for accepting the claims of Masih e Maoud, Mehdi and Mujaddid by Mirza Qadiyani for the following reasons in brief.

1st: Excommunication of all muslims who do not believe in mirza, declaring them to be hell bound and saying that maintaining relationship with them is HARAM.He further says that Allah swt informed me that it is HARAM for u to offer prayer behind a denier, falsifier and a hesitant . Then He published in Alhakam dated 24th May, 1905, that he who marries his sons or daughters to non Ahmadi are out of my Jamaat.
In recent correspondence he expunged the condition of denier, falsifier and hesitant he kept writing to me that 1.3 billion muslims who do not believe in him are out of pail of Islam and are hell bound irrespective of fact whether Ahmadi tabligh reached to them or not. I Wrote to him that we may not excommunicate to those of Ummat e Muhammadia who do not excommunicate us.Ahmadis may be allowed to offer prayer with them. He got so infuriated on this that he declared me a MURTAD. (Heretic). And reply to me senselessly.

Second : The faith that deliverance depend only on accepting Mirza is a cursed theory. It not only negate the whole world but it also pose a challenge to the powers of Allah. Because the item most needed in world has been created in abundance by Allah air, water, so if deliverance depended on faith in mirza then Allah s.w.t. Would have created love. of Mirza in the human nature. : Demanding such iman was against Allah s.w.t ,s characteristic of Rahman
Third: This iman is against the characteristic of RAHIMIYAT Because deliverance would not be granted to one who does not believe in Mirza , means Allah is not Raheem

Fourth. It is also against the powers of Allah as Maliki Youmiddin .it suspends this power as deliverance not possible without acceptance of Mirza.

Fifth : This theory of Mirza is against all powers of Allah . So if u believe in above instructions of Mirza Your Kalima would be like this :
“LA ILAHA ILLALL MIRZA” because per Mirza basis of deliverance is not obeying Allah Swt but obeying Mirza Qadiyani.

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