I continue to write about MGA’s inability to give public speeches.  This entry is about Lecture-Lahore, which happened in August of 1904, See Review of religions, english, Sep-OCT-1904 edition, the english version of the Review of Religions doesn’t mention this event at all. Mahmud Ahmad had a book of his published posthumously in 1967, in that book it is mentioned that this “so-called-lecture” happened in August of 1904, see (page 48)whereas the latest Ahmadiyya records tell us that it happened in August of 1903, in fact, they claim that there were 4 lectures in Lahore (see pages 363-366), this is a major error.   The Urdu version of the Review of Religions remains unchecked, as does the Badr and Al-Hakam.  Finally, the biography of MGA by Dr. Basharat Ahmad remains unchecked, as does the famous “Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya” entry by Dost Muhammad Shah Sahib.

Recent Ahmadiyya records vs. Mahmud Ahmad’s testimony of 1967
Nonetheless, the newest Ahmadiyya sources tell us that there were 4 lectures (see pages 363–366), the first was on a Sunday, August 21st, 1904.  Moreover, this source tells us that MGA had another speaking engagement on Aug 28th, 1903, another Sunday then they totally forget about the 3rd lecture and jump to the 4th lecture, the 4th lecture was on Sep 3rd, 1904, another Sunday, they claim that it is this 4th lecture that comprises of “Lecture-Lahore”, they are basically admitting that the content of the first 3 lectures is unknown, moreover, all of MGA’s utterances were so unintelligible, that no one ever knew what he was saying.

Mahmud Ahmad tells us that there was only 1 lecture and Maulvi Abdul Kareem did it
Mahmud Ahmad writes that this event happened in 1904, not 1903.  Further, he tells us that there was only 1 speech, and Maulvi Abdul Kareem gave the speech and attributed the writings to MGA.  He also mentions that MGA sat by as Maulvi Abdul Kareem delivered the speech. Mahmud Ahmad then tells a lie…he claims that MGA was asked to speak to the crowd, and MGA got up and spoke for 30 minutes—this is a blatant lie.

MGA never gave any public speeches, his close associates knew this…so they worked day and night covering up the weaknesses of MGA, which were overwhelming….he couldnt speak in public, he couldnt lead salaat, and he couldnt write.

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