Izala Auham–Part-1 was published in 1890, MGA then miraculously claimed that his God (not Nooruddin) told him that Esa (As) was dead, further, there are many statements in this book which prove that it was written and published in the summer of 1890.  I have posted the scan below of the very first edition of the book, and date of publishing was written as 1308 Hijri. 1308 Hijri covers 17-Aug-1890 to 8 July 1891.  It seems that the first part was published in Aug-1890 and the second part was published in July of 1891.  Ahmadiyya leadership has recently admitted that this book was published in 2 parts…however, they dont give exact details, (see page 51).They claim that:  

*******This is published in two parts: Part I – pp.1-424, Part II – 426-1000.  However, this last part is proof of the cover up.  In my estimation the cut off is before 400 or so.  Further, it is also possible that later Ahmadi editors moved around the last few pages of the 1st part of Izala Auham, they did this with many books, Tiryaq ul-Qulub is another one.  

A quote that proves my case
“””This humble person (MGA) who have claimed to be Maseel Maoud -some people with low intelligence took/thought of it, as Masih Maoud. This is not at all a new claim that they have heard today from my mouth/tongue- but it is the same old Ilham, which came to me from Khuda Taala, and printed at many places in detail, in baraheen a Ahmadiyya, already been over 7 years that i published it (baraheen ahmadiya). I have never claimed that i am Maseeh ibn Maryam, and who ever blame me for that, is liar (kazaab and Muftree). But for the past 7-8 years, I have always/regularly published that i am Maseel Masih. It only means that Allah has bestowed some of Hazrat Eisa spiritual attributes of his nature and qualities etc, planted in my nature.”””[Ruhani Khazain: Volume 3, Page # 192], (direct link to the page)(Izala Auham P190-191)

My commentary
Firstly, Ahmadiyya leadership hasn’t translated this book into english in over 125 years.  Further, this quotation proves that MGA hadn’t claimed to be the Messiah yet, and hence, it could not have been published after Dec–1890.

The scan

The scan of the very first edition of Izala Auham

Dr. Basharat Ahmad and the Lahori’s claim that the entire book, “Izala-Auham” was published at the end of 1891
“””Hazrat Mirza stayed on in Ludhiana for some more time because he was busy writing the book Izala Auham (Dispelling the Apprehensions). The book was finally completed and published in two volumes at the end of the same year, 1891. In this book, he presented thirty clear verses of the Quran regarding the death of Jesus, and put forward a detailed exposition of his claim to be the Promised Messiah. These issues were discussed so comprehensively that all their aspects became crystal clear.””””  See here:, (see page 339).

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad claims that it was published in 1892
It seems that the 2nd Khalifa of Ahmadis went out of his way to lie and claim that Izala Auham was published in 1892.  This is a blatant lie, and proves that Ahmadis have always been paranoid about releasing the truth about this book.  See here:, (see page 68).

“””In 1892 he published a book called the Izala-i-Auham, wherein he related one of his visions
in which he saw that he was standing on a platform in London and was delivering an address and that he afterwards caught some birds. He interpreted it to mean that his doctrines would be preached in London and that through him people would accept Islam.”””

Dard claims that Izala Auham was published with 2 other books in the early part of 1891
Another twist here, in Dard’s famous autobiography on the life of MGA, he writes on page 224:

“””In 1890, Ahmadas wrote another book in Urdu, entitled Fath-e-Islam. It was printed at the Riyad-e- Hind Press, Amritsar (Price, As. 8). Seven hundred copies were printed, of which 300 were set apart for Muslim, Hindu and Christian divines and for those who could not afford to buy it. The second book that he wrote in the same year is called Taudih-e-Maram. It was also printed at the Riyad-e-Hind Press, Amritsar (Price, As. 8). These two books were published early in 1891, together with Izala’-e- Auham, which will be mentioned later.””””

A letter from MGA to Noorudin from January of 1891, talking about Izala Auham as-if it was already published…a summary

In this letter, he tells nooruddin that he has made very good points on the subject of maseel masih in ”Izala Auham” and asks him, if he has any essay, he can also add it to izala auham

Another piece of evidence that proves that Izala Auham was published at least before Feb 10th, 1891
In “Life of Ahmad” by Dard, Dard quotes (247-248) a letter between MGA and Batalvi wherein Batalvi claims to have already read Izala Auham.

‘””Copies of the letters which have passed between myself and Mirza Sahib have been sent to you so that you may have a say in the matter if you are so inclined. I am determined
to refute the claim of Mirza Sahib. You always talk about him with others, but when I said something to you about Mirza Sahib you were displeased. If it is the same with you still, then
I have nothing to suggest; but if you have the courage of hearing and saying anything about
him, then it would be better if you could come to Lahore and have a talk. Taudih-e-Maram and
Izala’-e-Auham cannot prove his claim. (The writer of this letter had not yet seen Fath-e- Islam and Taudih-e-Maram; Izala’-e-Auham had not even been published yet—Author). If you can do something, you should, there is time yet.'”””

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