I continue posting translations and summaries of the correspondence between MGA and Dr. ABDUL HAKIM KHAN PATIALVI.  Below is another translation to add to the list…

Zikrul Hakim page 40-42

Last night before going to bed, I called my God and made my humble prayers and said O my God you say in Quraan that i would forgive every thing except shirk whereas your Masih e Maoud (mirza) says Allah will not forgive disbelieving in me and will forgive everything else. Now should i deny your words or the words of your Masih?

I said to my God O my Sustainer you have always ignored my weaknesses and forgave my mistakes. U also know that what ever good deeds I do are only for your sake and to please U. U always answered my prayers, assisted me sympathised to me. U r not cruel, harsh and ungrateful like Mirza Ghulam Qadyani.

To the core of my heart i am ever ready to accept truth but it is self praising, self worshipping and harsh Mirza who did not reply to me. So what should I do. After this submission i saw a dream that Colonel Fateh Muhammad Khan came to me Abdul Ghani khan is also seen and asking for treatment of his father,s appendicitis. He showed me a prescription containing many anti gastric medicines and told me that these medicines did not work. Then I told Fateh Muhammad Khan that Mirza had removed me from his Jamaat. It has been good for me that i have been removed from Jamaat for the sake of truth. Then in the dream I say who is mirza in front of Allah and say very soon thunderbolt might fall from sky on this jamaat and kill them all.

On the basis of this dream I am writing to you again that Moosa a.s ordered murder of those who committed shirk whereas you support such peoples of your Jamaat. Now I present comparison of your revelations with Quraan.
* In Your ilham you say, may God give me authority over fire. Quraan says Allah has the authority on everything and the rule on the day of judgement.
* Your ilham says about yourself Ya Shamsu wa Ya Qamaru. (Sun and moon) But i say your light has not illuminated even Qadiyan and your family.
* Quraan says All praise to Allah, whereas your ilham says Allah praises you in the heavens.
* You say people in France Italy and Columbia killed by earthquake due to my disobedience. On the contrary, your worst enemies and opponents like Molvi Muhaammad Hussain, Sanaullah Amritsari, Owner of Paisa Akhbar and Peshawari Group have not been killed despite their worst opposition.

For God sake you test yourself and your jamaat on this standrad as to how much u and jamaat worship Allah and how much do u worship a man. I request you to return my first letter as i want to publish this correspondence so that good natured peoples could benefit from this. If u do not return it, i will publish it with the help of my memory because i dont have its copy.

Was the tragic death of Molvi Abdul Karim not a sufficient cause for u to avoid making mockery of others agonies? but regretfully the childish attitude prevalent on u all the time has made u much proud, ignorant and heartless. It was you who used to make mockery of the miracles of Hazrat Essa a.s, now with excessive ilham and prophesies u have made a joke of yourself . The taste of Quraanic knowledge is absolutely missing from u and Jamaat. U could not present a single academic miracle which was the need of the hour. U could have written a miraculous commentary of holy Quraan that could have decided the differences and could have reformed peoples and provide guidance to the masses.
Humble self
Abdul Hakim Khan
Assistant Surgeon
From Tarauri, District Karnal India.

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