I got love for Nabeel Qureshi, I don’t care what religion he is, he’s an Ex-Ahmadi, so I really love that boy.   On the other hand, Ahmadis are taught to have hate in their heart for Ahmadis that leave Ahmadiyya.  Ahmadis were radicalized in this case by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself, MGA taught Ahmadis to believe that all critics of Ahmadiyya were people who would eventually die in the worst circumstances and very soon and humiliated.  Many Ahmadis even left Ahmadiyya, Meer Abbas left MGA in 1891, and many others, in fact, in 1906, Dr. Khan famously left Ahmadiyya on the issue of Takfir, Dr. Khan urged that even Christians could be saved and sent to heaven and etc etc.  Anyhow, I have never met Nabeel, but he seems to be a good guy and its sad to see the ignorant Ahmadis who see his fate as a sign.

Nabeel is diagnosed with Stage-4 Stomach-Cancer
After famously leaving Ahmadiyya and becoming a Christian, he seems to have contracted Cancer.  Cancer happens randomly it seems and many Ahmadis, Muslims, Jews, etc etc etc have died from this, these people are considered martyrs in Islam.  Muslims are taught to never hold grudges and to always forgive.  However, Ahmadis are posting the sad weekly news of Nabeel and are anxiously waiting to see what happens next.  Ahmadis were taught by MGA to wait for the death of their opponents, and then believe that their GOD aka MGA was the cause.

Ahmadiyya is a behavior
Most Ahmadis were taught to hate by the Mirza family, this is like a standard method of brainwashing.  They are then taught to never cede a point and to be extremely loyal, in fact, when Mirza Basheer-uddin recruited young Mullahs, he picked a certain type of Indian, he knew that only a certain type could be controlled and be loyal.  This is sick behavior.

Nabeel’s father is still an Ahmadi
Nabeel’s father, mother and sister still love him.  He has an amazing family.