I’ve recently been asked some questions by some Ahmadi-trolls.  Most of these guys are unemployed and spend all day on FB marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The questions can be found here:

My response
I am not a preacher of any religion, I am not an Imam, I am simply an educated man who can read, write and conduct critical thinking.  Most Ahmadis cannot, and its not their fault, they are radicalized and brainwashed by the Mirza family.  Further, he claims that my essays don;’t deserve a response, however, he has spent many hours talking to me and reading my essays and now responding.  Obviously, Damon Stengel is another “brainwashed-Ahmadi” and can’t think for himself.

Damon doesn’t know Urdu or Arabic
I just wanted to point out that 99% of the African and American born Ahmadis dont know urdu at all, hence they can never read the books of MGA and they never read the english books, which number 40+ in 2017.  Further, his knowledge of Arabic is elementary.  The reason I bring this up is because this is an excuse that Ahmadis make when they are cornered.  They claim that since we can’t read urdu…we can never summarize what MGA has written.  OK…that argument has been destroyed.  Moving on…

Damon quotes Mirza Masroor Ahmad, as he urged Ahmadis to be nice to their critics
Damon goes on to quote his Khalifa wherein he has ordered Ahmadis to be nice on social media to their critics.  However, that is instructions from 2016-2017, and its outwardly only.  In reality, Ahmadis hate their critics and have hated them since the times of MGA.  MGA prayed for Lekh Ram to die and was happy when Lekh Ram was finally murdered in 1897.  Further, MGA prayed for Abdullah Athim to die in 15 months and failed, and this was during a gentleman’s debate, in fact, MGA’s own brother-in-law left Ahmadiyya in this saga.  The list goes on and on….ever heard of Dowie or Piggot??  Or Sanaullah or Dr. Khan???  Ahmadis have hated their critics and dealt with them harshly since 1889.

MGA exploited the concept of Mubahila
Before MGA, muslims never did Mubahila against anyone…Muhammad (saw) never even did Mubahila, there was an incident wherein Muhammad (Saw) challenged Christian delegation, however, that is a deeper topic and not meant to be normal etiquette in any debate.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was only giving lip service
So remember, Ahmadi Khalifas lie all the time….they say things in public, however, they oppose them behind the scenes.  Case in point. Qasim Rashid hates Muslim leaders in the USA, and his boyfriend, Kashif Chaudhry, they are both terrorizing and harrassing Muslim leaders in America and per the orders of the same Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

I was referring to my local Ahmadi-mullah
Would you like his name??  I actually discussed Ahmadiyya with his son a few months ago…he is another example of the brainwashed Ahmadi.  His father, he barely knew anything about Ahmadiyya and would refuse to admit to not knowing any given subject.

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was most likely bi-sexual
This is wherein Damon Stengel proves that he hasn’t read enough literature.  There is so much data on this topic. This was the notorious son of MGA, he failed in school and was a terrible student in general.  What makes it worse is that all of his teachers were Ahmadi-mullahs and they tried to teach him day and night, however, he was just like his father, he was terrible at academics and learning in general and spent his whole life taking sex drugs and fornicating with men and women.

Case in point, in 1907, he was accused of illicit sexual behavior, see here:

Damon then mentions that there is no compulsion in religion
He loses me here…I dont get it.  I agree, there is no compulsion in Islam.

Damon then accuses of some type of personal benefit for critiquing Ahmadiyya
This is hilarious and ridiculous.  I dont need anyone money, I make good money.

Many college students are brainwashed
Its beneath me to explain this to Damon, he is arguing that Ahmadis can’t brainwashed idiots, since some Ahmadis have went to college and became doctors and etc.  However, Damon doesn’t know, any people can be pass college and learn, it simply takes time, money, effort and a support system, in fact, the jewish community and Christian community has proved this.

Jamia is not an accreditated Institution
The Ahmadiyya Jamia is a fraud.  Most of their top Mullahs fail arabic, in fact, the first ever African-American-Ahmadi-Mullah admitted to failing in Arabic, however, he was still made an imam…since they needed a black-man on the team.  Another case is of Ibrahim Noonan, he barely knows any arabic and Islam.

Ahmadis don’t double-check their Mullahs
Damon admitted to this….however, he didn’t fully admit…Ahmadis do ask questions to their local mullahs, however, they dont research the books for themselves and thus just take the Ahmadi-mullahs answer on face value.

Ahmadis leave Pakistan for money….not persecution
See..this is where Damon Stengel is clueless.  He hasnt researched this issue at all.  There is NO Ahmadi oppression in Pakistan, its all a lie.  See here:

Why do Ahmadis do charitable works?
Ahmadis are conducting marketing on behalf of the Mirza family.  That’s all…consider it Corporate Social Responsibility, thats all….even the KKK did blood drives.  I never said Refugees are bad….I said that the Ahmadiyya movement purposely got declared non-muslim and the Khalifa should be arrested for human trafficking.

You misrepresent the quran on 22:59
You didnt even give a reference to your interpretation of this verse.  What did MGA write about it??  What about other Ahmadi mullahs??  See….your brain doesnt even understand the importance of this referencing.  When you get the reference…let me know…

Ahmadiyya census?
If Ahmadiyya has all the official numbers?  Why arent they published in a per-country format? This is proof of lying…Further, I asked Naveed to tell me why Ahmadiyya leadership lied about converts, specifically from 95–2003….he never answered, and im sure that you will never answer, read here:

Lets see what Damon has to say now…lets see if he will dig up the homework that I have given him.  He probably won’t.