Ahmadis hate Muslims, since 1889.  They have been attacking all Muslims within their reach. Ahmadis are vicious animals and their mullahs have brainwashed them to be difficult and evil.
Furthermore, Ahmadis go around social media harrassing Muslims and making silly parallels.  

Just today….Kashif has went after Professor Johnathan AC Brown once again and his comments on Ahmadis and etc.  Please check out Professor Johnathan Browns post here:

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Ahmadis lie about their Messiahs Takfir
So the issue here is that most Ahmadis have never studied the books of MGA properly, nor are they capable of critical thinking.  This is exactly the case with Kashif and his boyfriend, Qasim Rashid.  These people just keep yelling their Ahmadi arguments and never research ahmadiyya critically, further, they have no idea what MGA and his sons wrote on Takfir from 1906 to 1924.

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