MGA had many diseases his entire life.  Recently, Ahmadi-crusaders have made silly arguments as they desperately seek a parallel to explain-away MGA’s diseases.  They even went so far to equate the diseases of Ayub (as) as they argue for the Mirza family.  However, data shows the real truth of the story, which is that MGA prayed to his God to remove his illnesses, however, his God said no.  Whereas, Ayub (as) prayed and Allah removed those diseases.

Roohani khazyian 19 Naseeem dawatt page 435

Summary of this quote
Mirza is referring that he had loose motions and problem of extra urine As per mirza qadyani own confession in his book Some times the diseases finish up but god of mirza qadyani ( yalash ) rejected his prayers of removing his diseases by answer ” it will never happen “.

Ayub (as) and Quran 21:84