It isn’t just the Muslims of Pakistan who are fed up by the antics of Ahmadis.  It is even Christians in North-America.  Further, it seems that the word is out of MGA and his opium use, as well as his death by diarrhea.  In this video, these Christians raised that exact issue.

The Ahmadis called the Police
They promptly called the police and most likely cried persecution.  Its the old Ahmadi game of tabligh….and then cry persecution.  The Jehovas Witnesses play the same game.

The videos

The Ahmadi in the video
I wont give out his name as such.  However, it is stated by him in his video.  Nonetheless, he goes on to argue that Ahmadis were behaving more “christ-like” then the Christians who were also there.  However, he forgets about MGA and how he acted towards Athim.  He forgets about the death threats that MGA made and etc, he also forgets that MGA stalked Athim, since Athim reported that there were 3 attempts made on his life in the 15 month duration of MGA’s death threat.  Further, MGA stalked and prayed for at least 20 people to die in his career.

The Ahmadi in the video seems to be genuine in his understanding of Ahmadiyya.  However, he doesnt know much about Ahmadiyya and I can prove it in a 20 minute interview.  Since, most Ahmadis never read the books of MGA, they only follow the marketing schemes as given by their Mullahs.  I have contacted him now and given him my details.  Lets see if he is up for an honest discussion.

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