I grew up as an Ahmadi.  My father was the classic Ahmadi-tabligh/trouble maker.  Ahmadis are taught that tabligh/dawa is mandatory upon themselves.  In fact, the Ahmadi-mullah spends his whole life brainwashing Ahmadis to believe that tabligh is an order from their God. This is what has always gotten Ahmadis in trouble.  They do fanatical tabligh to people who don’t want to hear it.  They are just like Jehovas Witnesses in this regard.  In this video, an Ahmadi has purposely provoked some Muslim and they are showing just pieces of the video wherein the Muslim man seems to argue with the Ahmadi…while the Ahmadi, purposely plays the victim, as he continues to provoke his opponent.

This attitude is against the Quran
I grew up in the SF-Bay Area, we don’t provoke people and then call the police.  Instead, we have honest discussion and dialogue.  However, the Pakistani Ahmadi will never be able to comprehend this.  They are looking to start a fight with Muslims, Christians and whomever, and then cry persecution.  This is the playbook that has been given to them from their vicious mullahs.  Further, the quran tells us that it is better to say peace to our opponents and walk away.

See 25:63—-

And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,

You wont seen Ahmadi mullahs doing this
Abid Mirza and these other Ahmadis are volunteers, legal recourse towards volunteers is different, as compared to official employees, aka the Ahmadi mullah.  Ahmadiyya leadership has ordered its Mullahs to provoke Ahmadiyya youth into being fanatic about Ahmadiyya.  They then go out and stir trouble.

Why do tabligh in Muslim majority countries?
Ahmadis only moved to Pakistan in 1947, since they were told that they would have every right to do Tabligh.  They were even given Rabwah as a headquarters, this was unprecedented, no other religious group was ever given a city in Pakistan.  So why would any Muslim preach to other Muslims???  Its nonsensical.  Well, the fact is, Ahmadis are not one with Muslims, and have never been, they have always held biases, and extraordinary support of the Mirza family.

Ahmadi mullahs start out poor
The Mirza family always recruited their mullahs from the poorest portions of society, in fact, not one person from the Mirza family has ever signed to be an Ahmadi-Mullah.  Nonetheless, this is the core of the Ahmadiyya corporation, they then educated the sons of their mullahs, they turn into people like Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry.

The video

A video on Ahmadiyya finances

What did MGA do in these situations?
Well, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad cussed at people all the time.  See these essays: