As we all know, Ahmadis are taught to hate their critics and pray for their deaths, and in stupendous fashion.  Ahmadis hated Lekh Ram, and Abdullah Athim, and Dowie, and Piggot, and Maulvi Sanaullah and many many others.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prayed for the death of over 100 critics, and celebrated when any of them died.  Moreover, the vicious Ahmadi mullahs have brainwashed Ahmadis to hate all ex-ahmadis (like me) and to pray for their untimely death.

Nabeel Qureshi invited Qasim Rashid to debate
In the below, I have posted tweets wherein Qasim Rashid made some disparaging and rather rude remarks towards Nabeel…

Other Ahmadis tweeting vs. Nabeel

A new Ahmadi, Abid Mirza, makes a youtube video which contradicts Ahmadiyya theory and MGA

Abid Mirza is new to the Ahmadiyya arguments and hasnt read much
This guy is from Canada, wherein there seems to be an organized Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association at York University.  However, he is new to research on Ahmadiyya, and makes many errors in our conversations on Facebook.  I have told him repeatedly that he is 10 years behind my team and I.  However, he doesnt listen to us.  He needs to do independent research, not regurgitate the lies that his Mullahs have told him.  However, he wont, he is stuck with his Mullahs and thus will never learn critical thinking.  In this specific video he contradicts all of MGA’s writings vs. his critics and even ALL Ahmadiya writers after MGA, like Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  Since we all know that Mirza Tahir Ahmad rejoiced in the death of Zia and Bhutto.