This is an interesting book…it was basically a speech that was pre-written.  Ahmadis claim it was written by MGA, however, it wasnt.  It was most likely written by Noorudin.  And since Maulvi Abdul Karim was dead, Maulvi Noorudin gave this speech, which happened in Dec of 1907.  Ahsan Amrohi was also there, and Mirza Basheerruddin Mahmud Ahmad.  The Ahmadis lost the speech/debate, whatever it was.  See here:, pages 409-413.
More to come on this speech or the lack thereof.  Further, the publish date for this book is unknown.  It may have been published in May of 1908, however, I need some data to confirm.

See here for more data on Abdul Hakeem Khan:

Summary of this scan
MGA says that one of his opponent who was part of his religion for 20 years and now is against him had predicted that mirza qadyani will die before 4 august 1908 , but god will save him and opponents of mirza qadyani will die himself as , as god will save him from his evils and whoever is right will be saved as decision is in the hand of god.

The scan—-Roohani khazyian. 23 . Page 337 CheshmmAa Marffffatt

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Introductory comments by Ahmadis on this book
“””Hadrat Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra in his introduction to this book says “the
Promised Messiahas wrote this book on May 15, 1908, in eleven days
before his demise. This book also includes an essay on pages 373-436
that the Promised Messiahas wrote and which was read at the a
religious conference held by Aryah Samaj Movement in December
1907 in Lahore. Wherein the Promised Messiahas made a fervent plea
to Aryah Samaj Movement for stopping vile attacks on Holy
Prophetsa, but nonetheless they continued attacks, so in this book he
drew a comparison between the teachings of Vedas and the Holy
Quran and enumerated the signs of a living religion.
The other part of the book stated that Guru Baba Nanak was a
Muslim divine and adduced proofs in support of his contention from
the holy book of Sikh religion.””””

Some various quotations
It is not within the power of man to comprehend all the activities of
the Divine. They are above reason and intellect and imagination. A
man should not be proud of his pittance of knowledge that he has to
some degree comprehended the system of cause and effect, inasmuch
as that knowledge of his is very limited, as if it were a millionth part of
one drop out of the ocean. The truth is that as God Almighty Himself
is unbounded His activities are unbounded also. It is beyond and
above human power to reach the reality of every activity of God.
Contemplating His eternal attributes we can, however, affirm that as
Divine attributes have never fallen into disuse, therefore, in God’s
creation some species have always come into existence; but any
personal co-existence is false. It is to be remembered that, like His
attribute of creation, His attribute of destruction has always been in
operation all the time and that also has never fallen into disuse. The
philosophers have put forth every effort to bring the creation of
heavenly and earthly bodies within the purview of their physical laws
and to establish the source of all creation, but they have utterly failed
to do so. Whatever they have gathered together as the result of their
physical research is quite incomplete and defective. That is why they
have not been able to adhere to their theories throughout and have
always changed them about. As their research is confined entirely to

their reason and speculation and they receive no help from God, they
cannot emerge out of their darkness. No one can truly recognize God
till he understands that there are numberless activities of the Divine
which are far beyond and above human power and reason and
speculation. Before reaching this stage of understanding a person is
either an atheist and has no faith in God, or if he does believe in God,
that God is the result of his own reasoning and is not the God Who
manifests His own Being and the mysteries of Whose powers are so
numerous that human reason cannot encompass them. Since God has
bestowed upon me the knowledge that His powers are wonderful, that
they have depth upon depth and are beyond of beyond, and are
outside comprehension, I have always held the philosophers as
disbelievers and secret atheists. It is my personal observation, and I
have had experience of such wonderful Divine powers, that we can
only describe them as something coming into existence out of
non-existence. I have described some instances of these signs at some
other places. He who has not observed this wonder of Divine power
has observed nothing. We do not believe in a God whose powers are
limited by our reason and speculation and there is nothing beyond.
We believe in the God Whose powers, like His Being, are unlimited,
unconfined and unending (Chashma’-e-Ma‘rifat, pp. 268-269, Ruhani
Khaza’in, vol. 23, pp. 280-282)