As we continue to collect data and post it on the story of Piggot and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the subsequent “cover-up” job that was done by Ahmadiyya, we keep finding more and more information which proves that MGA failed in this prophecy, and all others.  In this instance, we have found an article in the ROR of 1984 by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, he also wrote “Hakeem Noorudin”, which can be found here:

The ROR of 1984
They quote MGA as such:

“”“I am the true Messiah who was to come in the last ages. This has Almighty spoken to me. I do not claim to be the Promised Messiah by my own assertion, but Almighty God, who made the earth and heaven, has borne witness to the truth of my claim. The evidence of God has passed His grace on me in far greater abundance than upon the Messiah who has gone before me. In the looking glass of my person, the face of God is revealed to a far greater extent than in that of Jesus’ person. If these simply are my own words and there is no authority for them, then I am a liar; but Almighty God bears witness to my truth. No one can give lie to me. Thousands of times, I should say, times without number, has He borne witness to the truth of my claim. A sign of evidence of God in my favor will appear in the death of Mr. Piggot — the arrogant pretender to divinity, who shall be brought to destruction within my life time. Another sign will appear on Dr. Dowie’s acceptance of my challenge. If the pretender of Elijahship shows his willingness by any direct or indirect means to enter the lists against me, he shall leave the world before my eyes with great sorrow and torment. These two signs are for Europe and America.””””

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