I recently came across an Ahmadi meme wherein the Islamic belief of Esa (As) physically returning from heaven is openly mocked.  They also mock the Christian belief, which is identical in terms of how Esa (As) will return, i.e. physically from heaven.  Approximately 50% of the world believes this, that is Muslims+Christians.  However, Ahmadiyya leadership has brainwashed Ahmadis to have a hate towards this belief system and to essentially despise it.  I grew up as an Ahmadi in California, my father and mullahs taught me accordingly.

Then Ahmadis cry persecution
So first, they disrespect the Muslims communities of any area of the world, then they mock us. Then they cry to the authorities that the Pakistani government has limited their ability to preach freely.  However, as we all know..this is a ploy, Ahmadiyya leadership invented their own persecution and have benefited from it immensely, hence, it remains as a top strategy by the Khalifa.