I wanted to create an easy place to piece together this book.

The quotes

—-“It is possible that heaven and earth may heavens might be shaken from their place but the promise of God is unshakable.”
(Jang-i-Muqaddas, P. 2)

———“When I humbly entreated and implored God Almighty and prayed to Him to show me the details of the matter, He indicated to me that the liar will die within 15 months (before September 5, 1894), provided he does not return to the truth (Islam); and he who is on the truth and believes in true God, his honor will be restored and when this prophecy is fulfilled some blind man will start seeing, paralyzed start walking, and deaf start hearing.  I admit that if this prophecy proves to be False, I am prepared for every punishment.  My face should be blackened and I should be hanged.  I swear by the Mighty Allah that what I have said will happen.  It must happen.  It is possible that the earth may be changed for another earth and the sky may be replaced by another sky, but it is not possible for God’s word to change — prepare for me a cross if my falsehood is exposed and curse me more than the Satans and the evil persons are cursed.”
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 292-293; Jang-i-Maqaddas, P. 188)

“”He has, of His grace and benevolence, honoured me with His special words and has informed me: I, the True and Perfect God, shall be with you and shall bestow victory on you in every contest pertaining to spiritual blessings and heavenly support.””” [Jang-e-Muqaddas, pp. 55–56, Statement of May 25, 1893, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 6, pp. 137–138].