As everyone knows, this was the famous “Ahle-e-Hadith” newspaper that made MGA popular and gave him an opportunity to do free marketing.  I present some interesting quotes in the below.

“Mirza Saheb started scolding Hindus and their ladies in volumes of Braheen other literature and advertisements. On page 19 of his book, Shuhna-e-Haq, he writes: ‘ You are not going to give me the hand of your daughters that you are investigating my property’. In his book, Surma Chasme Arya, he mentioned Arya girls in bad language and abused their idols. Moreover he started intimidating Hindus in his Inspirations. Such things made Hindus furious and a source of permanent animosity.”  (Isha’at us Sunnah vol. 18 p.13-14).