Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never did any public speeches, nor did he ever give any Friday Khutbas, nor did he ever lead Salaat as an Imam.  This list is endless.  In this case, I am reviewing yet another pre-written lecture, which was read out by Maulvi Abdul Karim.  MGA gave the excuse of being sick, however, the truth is that MGA spoke with a terrible stutter/stammer and was too shy to speak publicly.  This speech, which was entitled “The Teachings of Islam” and published in english in the ROR of 1910, Muhammad Ali did the english translation.

Info from Dard about this book
“When, however, he (MGA) began writing the essay, he was overtaken by a severe attack of diarrhoea.”, Page 477.

Khwaja Kamaluddin objected to the content of this book
Khwaja was MGA’s personal lawyer, he even bailed MGA out of jail in 1904 under duress.  He was a good speaker and one of Ahmadiyya’s top-5 at that time.  During Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad’s arguments vs. the Lahori-Ahmadis, Mahmud Ahmad confessed to an old story wherein Mahmud Ahmad was only 8 years and MGA and his team had written “Islami Usool Ki Falasifi”.  The Khwaja seems to have read a copy of the lecture and wasnt impressed by its contents (See Mahmud Ahmad, “Truth about the Split” (1924).  Mahmud Ahmad tells us that the Khwaja was so embarrassed by the content of the lecture that he tried to hide marketing signs that Ahmadiyya leadership had paid for.

MGA claims that a Muslim man should divorce his wife immediately for Haraam dialogue with men
“”For instance, if a person is guilty of an approach towards the wife of another which, though it does not proceed as far as adultery, yet amounts to its preliminaries, it would become incumbent upon the self-respecting husband of the woman to divorce her on account of her willingness to tolerate such an approach. Her children would also be sadly afflicted. The husband would have to endure all this injury on account of the misconduct of a villain.”””(see Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, online edition, page 42).

Nuzhat Haneef’s data on this lecture
p355 of Begum Nuzhat Haneef’s seminal work “Recognising the Messiah” says this:

“””I would also like to mention that I have heard (through personal communication) from two different Ahmadee sources that the material in Islaamee Usool kee Filaasafee seems to have been taken from `Abdul Qaadir Jeelaanee, a renowned Muslim saint/scholar of the 6th century AH. But I have not verified this myself.””””

MGA contradicts all of the writings in this book, since he divorced his wife in 1892, for no good reason
MGA forced his son Mirza Fazl Ahmad to divorce his wife in 1892.  This is a well known story.  Further, MGA was lusting after his niece in this era, namely Muhammadi Begum.

The rest of the book is nonsense also
On page 197, he begins to talk about his “divine-converse”.  However, in 1896, MGA had gotten it all wrong, he denied prophethood in this era, and later on claimed that he was confused about his prophethood for 20+ years.

He also quotes many verses of the quran which are neutral in terms of Ahmadiyya vs. Sunni thought.

MGA’s paper didnt win 
Ahmadiyya leadership has totally lied about this conference and its aftermath.  Further, Ahmadis had people on the panel that were sympathetic towards Ahmadis and thus gave them extra time.

Nur ud Din concluded the conference
MGA’s ghost writer and speech preparer, Maulvi Nur ud Din was a moderator at the conference and the the person who was to officially close the conference.  This data alone proves that MGA has official support during this conference.  Further, there didnt seem to be any other Muslim there to present the case for Islam.  Thus, the entire conference was a sham, further, there is no way to tell if Maulvi Abdul Kareem read out the entire lecture or not, this book wasnt published in Urdu til 1905, additional content could have been added.

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