Mirza Nasir Ahmad married a much younger woman in 1982, just a few months before he died.  Ahmadiyya leadership is always quickly working on deleting all of this information on this wedding, since its really embarrassing. Shortly after the death of his wife Mansoora Begum, Nasir Ahmad decided to remarry. On 11 April 1982, he married Tahira Siddiqua Nasir, daughter of Abdul Majeed Khan of Verowal. This marriage only lasted a few short months with the demise of Nasir Ahmad on 9 June 1982. The picture in the above is from the marriage ceremony of Mirza Nasir Ahmad to Dr. Tahira. She is still alive and lives in seclusion in Rabwah.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s first marriage
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Read about the Dowry of Dr. Tahira here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Khutbah Juma wherein he talks about his recent marriage–a summary

30 april 1982, in that Khutbah, Nasir is justifying as to why he only gave huq mehr of 1000 rupee to Tahira, by saying that the same was given to his first wife mansoora. But i have found 2 more relevant books, one contains the actual khutba of his nikah of 11 April 1982. I think he gave the khutba of 30 April 1982, as people would have raised objections. the other book is written by nasir 2nd wife tahira, named “hazrat mirza nasir ahmad” this book is worth reading, as it gives insight to, how was their 2 months long married life. he was total control freak, she could not do anything right, he corrected her every minute of the day, tahira did not like drinking milk in the night and he made her drink, he objected on everything. She was educated woman and yet she could not do anything right in his eyes. All this shenanigans about doing istikhara for 40 days, he knew her from her school, college and medical years!
_____________________________________________________________________________________________While in Islamabad in June of 1982

See here:

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Huzur’s Last Days

Huzur visited Islamabad for the very last time on the 23 of May, 1982. Huzur was accompanied by Hadhrat Tahira Siddiqa Begum Sahiba, Sahibzadi Amatush-Shakoor Sahiba, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Sahib and Sahibzada Mirza Luqman Sahib, along with their wives and children. With them were members of the delegation having returned from Spain. After the prayers of Maghrib and ‘Isha, I along with a few others had the blessed opportunity to give a massage to Huzur. We were shocked to discover that the veins on Huzur’s legs were very swollen. Huzur told us, ‘Do not worry. This is due to the pooling of blood as a result of the long journey. Also, the work pressure has been intense for the last few days. I have had to remain seated the whole day. Insha Allah, it will be alright.’ We continued to massage Huzur daily, but his condition did not improve much. As soon as Huzur felt even a slight improvement, he would proceed immediately to his office and would work the whole day there, at times pouring over his correspondence, and at others meeting people. There was no time for him to rest. Indeed, Khilafat is not like any worldly post; for the Khalifa of the time has to contemplate and work for the betterment of the Jama’at and the entire world.

Due to the deterioration of Huzur’s health, the last Friday sermon before his demise was delivered in Islamabad by Sahibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmad – who later became Khalifatul Masih IV. This sermon was very short but heavy with anxiety and emotion; it contained a passionate appeal to the Jama’at to pray for the recovery of Huzur. During this Khutbah, the state of anxiety of the Ahmadis of Rabwah was described in such a way that the assembly was filled with profound grief.

On the night between the 8 and 9 of June, Huzur experienced a second heart attack. Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and said that we should announce to the Jama’at that Huzur’s condition was now critical. All those who had gathered at Baitul Fazal were extremely anxious and restless. We could see from the faces of Huzur’s sons and other relatives that Huzur’s condition must indeed be exceedingly worrying. Then, at around thirty minutes past midnight, Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and, standing on the staircase, signalled with his hand and softly recited the Qur’anic verse: Verily, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. The whole assembly was so shocked that all were left speechless. Fear and darkness spread over everyone. But God soon showed His mercy once again and brought His beloved Jama’at back into the light of peace and security.

I call Allah as my witness when I say that Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III(ru) was indeed a most wonderful person, very dear to each and every Ahmadi; it is not possible to state how dear he was to me. Every particle in my body is indebted to his kindness. He was and shall remain most dear to me. He was truly a great Spiritual Leader.

O my Merciful God! Shower Thy mercy most abundantly upon the holy soul of my master and raise him to Thine own Throne of Nearness. Amin.

The inside story

Khalifa III Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s son Mirza Luqman Ahmad had a LOVE AFFAIR with a young beautiful Ahmadi Lady Dr. Tahira (she was student in Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan).

The detail of this affair can be read in a book: Qadianiyyat Aus Bazar Mein by Mateen Khalid.


Mirza Nasir Ahmad was in his LATE SEVENTIES 70’s that one day he saw Dr. Tahira, who was in her EARLY TWENTIES (20’s). Mirza Nasir Ahmad had a CRUSH on her. So, he decided to marry her. In a process to JUSTIFY this marriage where GROOM WAS OLD AND SICK AND IN POOR HEALTH AND BRIDE WAS YOUNG HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, BESIDE BEING 50 YEARS YOUNGER IN AGE, Mirza Nasir Ahmad started making speeches and giving statements and PREDICTIONS/ PROPHECIES that this marriage will bring GLAD TIDINGS/ KHUSH-KHABRAIAN/ BARAKAT etc for his Ahmadi Jamaat.

Well, finally the marriage took place. And the newly wed “Happy” couple went to Islamabad in process to get visa for European countries where they decided to celebrate their HONEY MOON.

Now guess what happened: approximately with in a week of marriage Khalifa III had a heart attack in Islamabad and he died. In  Jamaat wife of Khalifas are considered UMMAL MOMINEEN (Mother of the believers) the same way the wives of Holy Prophet Muhammad saws are considered mother of Muslims. Since wife of Khalifa III is MOTHER OF the believers so she was NOT allowed to marry again. As a result a beautiful, fertile age lady, who had all the NORMAL HUMAN FEELINGS had to remain UNMARRIED.

Now lets see the BARAKAT on the Ahmadi Jamaat as a result of their Khalifa III marriage to a more than 50 years younger lady:
(1)  Khalifa III died with in few days of marriage.
(2) Mirza Tahir Ahmad became the Khalifa IV.
(3) Mirza Tahir Ahmad had to leave his Jamaat’s LAST strong hold i.e. in Rabwah and had to run for his life to UK.
(4)  Jamaat is UPROOTED and BOOTED out of Pakistan, where the jamaat had the MOST population of Ahmadis in the world.
(5) Ahmadi Jamaat got weaker and weaker.
(6) General Zia issued the order XX. That barred Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslim/ give azan/ call their masjids as masjids etc.
(7) Ahmadis from Pakistan got dispersed in the world and the Khalifa is loosing his grip on them with every passing day.
(8) Khalifa IV made the BOGUS claims of millions of convertions every year. It is such a bogus claim that even Mahmudis are ASHAMED of their Khalifa.

The only person who is taking advantage of this marriage between Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Dr. Tahira is the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad i.e. Mirza Luqman Ahmad. He got his LOVER back and he does not have to marry her either.


In my opinion more than 70 years old Mirza Nasir Ahmad married Dr. Tahir in her early 20’s because of one of the following TWO REASONS:
(1) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone blind in his LUST for her.
(2) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone CRAZY.

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