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Summary from Dr. Tahira’s book, “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis”

Dr. TAHIRA KHAN, second wife of Mirza Nasir writes in her book “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis” at page 75 onwards that once before marriage she requested Mirza Nasir for an autograph, mirza Nasir under his signature wrote on my auto graph book “may Allah give u the knowledge of reality of commodities.”

She further writes that Mansoora Begum first wife of Mirza Nasir, died on 3rd December 1981. In February 1982, MIRZA Nasir, called my elder brother Col Ayaz Mehmood Ahmad Khan who was residing in Rawalpindi, at his home in Islamabad and said that he wanted to talk to him on a very important matter and intends to have two sittings with him.

In these sittings first thing he said to my brother was that the concept of sacrifice in Christianity is that women become NUNs. But Islam gives different concept of sacrifice. Then he stated the circumstances under which Holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w. married to Aysha r.a. after the death of Hazrat Khadija r.a. In this background Nasir stated about all marriages of Masleh e Moud ( Mirza Mehmood) and the purpose behind these marriages. After this, he said if I ask for the hand of your sister Tahira for me what would be the expected reply of your sister and parents. Then he Mirza Nasir said he intends to make a 40 days ISTIKHARA FROM ALLAH and if Allah permits I would send a formal request to your family for my marriage with your sister Tahira.

Mirza Nasir further said she,Tahira, should shift to home from hostel and start prayers for this relationship. So i shifted to Rabwah on 22nd February 1982. Then huzur Mirza Nasir said to my brother that You are my representative, you and me are one party and Tahira and your parents are the other party.

The evening, when 40 days time line of Istikhara completed Mirza Nasir sent a formal request to my father for his marriage with me in the following words:-

Respected Abdul Majeed Khan Sahib.


In my personal capacity I can spend rest of my life without getting remarried but the responsibilities of Jamaat on my shoulders require an energetic , sincere, and sacrificing partner who could be helpful for me in carrying out my khilafat works. Prayers were made in this regard. Allah accorded his permission and many glad tidings of special blessings for “would be partner” were also received from Allah. My son Luqman has also received permission of his mother in dream that Tahira is a good proposal for me.
Keeping in view of all this, I ask for the hand of Tahira from you with absolute confidence and good conscious and hope you and mother of Tahira would be pleased to accept this proposal with the same gesture.
Khalifatul masih assalis
Dated: 05.04.1982.

The book also contain an affirmative letter from Dr. Tahira addressed to his father giving her assent to the proposal.

Dr. Tahira continues, we were married on 11April and walima reception was held at the Lawn of Qasr e Khilafat Rabwah on 12 April 1982. The whole function was kept simple only 10 people came as marriage party. we were allowed to invite guests from among our family only.

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