In Sunni Islam, Abū Hurayrah al-Dawsiyy al-Zahrāniyy (Arabicأبو هريرة الدوسي الزهراني‎‎; 603–681), often spelled Abu Hurairah, was one of the sahabah (companions) of Muhammad and, according to Sunni Islamthe most prolific narrator of hadith. He was known by the kunyah Abu Hurayrah “Father of the Kitten”, in reference to his documented attachment to cats.[1] However, his real name is differed upon, with the most popular opinion being that it was ‘Abd al-Raḥmān ibn Ṣakhr (عبد الرحمن بن صخر). Abu Hurayrah spent four years in the company of Muhammad[2] and went on expeditions and journeys with him.[3] It is estimated that he narrated around 5374 Ahadith.[4]

Shias and other detractors from Sunni Islam, dont like Abū Hurayrah
It should be noted that Shias-Muslims and some other sects dont like Abu Hurayrah.  In terms of Sunni-Islam, it would be academically dishonest to quote these variant sources.

MGA’s comments
Mirza Qadyani callied Hazrat Abuhuraira r.a Islamic personality as “GHABI “. Ghabi in Arabic means stupid . He is also calling his “not to be a good narrator”. He is also calling him “not to be able to understand things” and was with “mistake ” and called him “weak in Understanding Quran ”

Scans attached from Mirza Qadyani`s Writings 

Roohani Khazyian 21- Page 410 Brahyeinay Ahamdia part 5
Roohani Khazyian 19-Page 127 – Aijazay- Ahamdi

The scans