A high ranking Ahmadi from the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has recently passed away.  My team has intercepted many reports on him, they are summarizes in the below.

Ahmadis always boast that they are the only peaceful jamaat in the world. They also claim that they are being persecuted in Pakistan. Whereas the reality is quite contrary to this false claims of qadianis.

Few years back one official of Jamaat namely Ch, Muhammad Yusuf reverted to Islam. After his reversion to Islam Ch. Yusuf started to spread awareness against the jamaat by publishing articles in press media. He was threatened, warned and subsequently he was brutally murdered.

His daughter nominated the office bearers of jamaat e Ahmadiyya in the FIR. Despite nomination, no accused office bearer of jamaat was arrested by the Police due to the influence of Jamaat. One of the nominated accused was Mirza Khursheed Ahmed Nazir Amoor e Amma and brother in Law of Mirza Masroor, who has recently died.

Copy of application of the daughter of slain Ch. Muhammad Yusuf to Chief Minister Punjab, showing names of accused is attached to the post.

This incident proves that despite their hue and cry of persecution, they are a bunch of criminals and killers. This also shows their influence on the local administration that none of the accused moved bail application and still Police did not arrest them.  The complaint was lodged to CM Punjab on 27.06.2012, the Director Complaint Cell CM Camp Office Lahore referred this to DPO Chiniot on 28.06.2012, with the directions to take appropriate legal action within 5 days. However no action was taken.

The scan