We have been witnessing an employee of Ahmadiyya INC, as he continues to post private pictures of an Ex-Ahmadi’s on social media.  Ibrahim Noonan has these pictures on his PC, he was given these pictures by Ahmadis who are fanatical and spend their time trolling Ex-Ahmadis and Sunni-Muslims who work in Ahmadiyya Awareness.  Ibrahim Noonan doesn’t realize that he has committed or colluded in committing cyber crimes.  He doesn’t seem to know much about Islam or Ahmadiyya and wants to kill anyone who discusses the character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad He recently bullied and harasses an Irish woman, Fiona O’Leary after she went off on Ahmadiyya colluding with scientology and their quack medicines, homeopathy.  Noonan seems to have been ordered by his Khalifa, aka his CEO to attack all critics of Islam or Ahmadiyya.  He has been ordered to never have an honest conversation with anyone and to never admit to his lack of knowledge.