The Ahmadi Mullah Ibrahim Noonan is a bully and a cry-baby.  He regularly harasses and threatens anyone who criticizes his employer, aka Ahmadiyya INC. aka the Mirza family.
Fiona O’Leary simply criticized Ahmadiyya’s use of homeopathy, that’s it, that’s all, and Noonan ordered a cyber attack on her and etc.  Is this how Ahmadi imam’s behave?

In these comments
Some Ahmadi troll is basically calling Fiona a liar, he refuses to believe that an Ahmadi-mullah would behave as such.  Most Ahmadis suffer from denial, they just can’t believe that Ahmadi-mullahs and MGA and his sons are evil.  They will attack the critics and then do character assasination, but they will never discuss the issues, then they will cry persecution.

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