We have written about this story before. However, we have found new information which seems to open up this story a bit further. The new info is from the ROR of 1922 wherein MGA’s mother was described. This essay was written by an Ahmadi named Ghulam Mohammad Ahmadi, and published on the 5th of May 1922. This essay doesn’t mention MGA’s stealing of his families pension, which led to MGA getting severely punished by never being able to see him mother alive ever again, as well as being forced to work in Sialkot for a meager salary. MGA was punished severely, and rightly so, per Islam he should have gotten his right hand chopped off, since he stole upwards of 100,000 dollars in today’s money and was on the run for up to 1 year.

Ahmadi spin doctors try to blame MGA’s cousin for squandering the money
You will find Ahmadi trolls all over social media running around and blaming Imam ud Din (MGA’s cousin aka brother) for spending all of the money, however, that argument collapses since MGA was punished severely. Why would MGA’s father punish him (MGA) if it was actually Imam ud Din who was the culprit? Ahmadi’s run from this question and rightly so, since if they ever accept the facts from this story, Ahmadiyya is dead.

Facts from this essay

1–The writer compares the mother of Muhammad (saw) with the mother of MGA (nauzobillah), we have written about this topic, in this era, Ahmadis were fanatical about equating the entire life of Muhammad (Saw) with the life of MGA.

2–In MGA’s youth, he was retired, he never did any work, he was considered a useless appendage. And MGA’s mother allowed it, she allowed her son to be a lazy good for nothing human. MGA’s mother protected him from this father.

3–MGA was nicknamed Mullah in his youth. Since all he did was cry about Islam and its state of affairs in British-India.

4–The author totally omits the pension story. By 1922, the pension story had never been written about, it was later, with the publishing of Seeratul-Mahdi, that’s when the pension story was revealed.

5–Miran Baksh was sent to Sialkot to bring MGA home, he was a servant in the Mirza household.  MGA’s mother had already died, however, he wasn’t supposed to tell MGA.  This was part of MGA’s punishment after he stole the family money, i.e. to never see his mother ever again. And MGA’s father made sure of it.

6–MGA was on opium from an early age, since he was oblivious to his surroundings and most likely high on opium.  An incident is given from MGA’s youth from roughly 1858, wherein MGA’s young son, Mirza Sultan Ahmad had fallen in the immediate vicinity of MGA and was screaming for help, however, MGA must have been high and thus didn’t hear or see anything, MGA’s mother then ran over and saved the child from what could have been an awful death.

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