Ahmadiyya is a business, a family business.  The Lahori-Ahmadi’s warned us of this issue back in 1909 at the earliest.  MGA was not a religious man at all, in fact, he lusted after young women all the time.  We know that he had an obsession with a niece of his named Muhammadi Begum, she played as a child in MGA’s home.  There was another young girl who played in MGA’s home in the late 1870’s, Nusrat Jehan Begum, he ended up marrying her in roughly 1884.  Nusrat Jehan Begum was complicit in the fraud of Ahmadiyya, she knew that MGA was a fraud, however, she remained silent.  In fact, she even covered up the sexual behaviors of MGA for many many years.  As late as 1907, Nusrat Jehan Begum knew that MGA slept separately from her and even had young women in his room all throughout the night.  She never objected to MGA and his time alone with young girls.  In 1907, her eldest son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was also accused of sexual misconduct, however, the Mirza family made sure that all witnesses were scared off and thus the investigation endedAfter MGA died, Nusrat Jehan claimed that she was a willing sexual-escort for Noorudin, the newly crowned Khalifa.

My team recently found some additional info
In the below, you will find an entry from Seeratul-Mahdi wherein it is recorded that MGA and his wife would allow other women to share space with them and casually laugh and etc.  As we all know, these types of behaviors were not good in British-India for Muslim men.  MGA was very casual with women and sat with them and spent lots of time alone with many many women.

Seeratul Mahdi, Quotation #1524
Translation : By the name of Allah most gracious most merciful . Respected rasooul bibi sister of Hafiz Hamid Ali sahib & kushd aman molvi Abdul rehman sahib caste jut had narrated via respected lady mother of khalifa salahuddin sahib by writing that once it happened that a lady came while wearing gold ornaments . She sat on the bed (palang) on which ummul mommineyien and Hazour was sitting .we girls started laughing to see that . we said if we had ornaments and rings we could have also been sitting on the bed of hazour sb .Hazrat ummul mominyein informed hazour sb about it (that what we had said) that girls are saying such thing . Hazour started laughing and said “come on girls , you also sit ( i.e on bed)

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